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The Lenyalo Suite is a salutation of romance encapsulated in a sumptuous one bedroom suite where couples find themselves immersed in nature and surrounded by the raw beauty of Africa, with all the luxurious creature comforts needed to forge an unforgettable experience.

The authentic detail and natural colour palates give rise to delicate touches of vibrance inspired by the vivid backdrop surrounding this beautifully appointed suite. A collaboration of modern and antiquated pieces come together in a serene space where time seems to stand still as you take in the sweet smells and melodic sounds of nature.

Marvel at the unchoreographed symphony of wildlife a mere 20 meters from your private terrace at the edge of the waterhole while finding solace from the midday heat in your crystal clear plunge pool. Every part of this exquisite suite celebrates the mesmerising views of the waterhole right in front of your private terrace while the vistas in the North boast an endless backdrop of vast open grasslands dotted with Inselbergs.

Soak up the sunshine all year round on your plush sun loungers or retreat to the shaded alfresco lounge for an afternoon of relaxation, with your only interruption being a flurry of fauna prancing around the waterhole.

Surrender to blissful tranquillity, boundless beauty and an accolade of abounding wildlife at your doorstep.

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