Heralded as the boutique reserve in South Africa, Madikwe Game Reserve is a landmark in modern conservation and community development with a joint venture between the state, the community and the private sector. Now the setting for Africa’s biggest translocation of wild game, our guests witness an abundance of new life in a once economically depressed region.

Madikwe Game reserve is testimony to a truly enlightened conservation plan which has created this exceptional wildlife reserve for the preservation of a unique wilderness area in one of the more remote regions of South Africa. The reintroduction of game began early in 1991, known as Operation Phoenix, this is the largest game translocation exercise in the world. More than 8,000 animals of 28 species were released into the reserve, including elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion, cheetah, African Wild dog, spotted hyena, giraffe, zebra and many species of antelope and herbivores. Leopard already occurred naturally in the reserve and about 250 species of birds have been recorded in Madikwe.

This is a near-perfect ecological environment where every plant, animal and insect forms an essential part of an intricate web of survival. Here, life and death are complementary for the continued existence of the natural ecosystem and man is reminded that his very existence through the ages has been rooted in such a complex design.

To enter Madikwe is to stand at the very threshold of wilderness Africa!