December, A month of hope

It seems the year has come and gone leaving us with countless unforgettable moments and kicking off a busy festive season!

December has been a tough month as we waited for the summer rains to quench the dry ground. Our annual summer rain fall seemed to be later than usual, placing some strain on our waterholes in the reserve. Even though there has been a lot of thunder and lightning and a few fires as a result but only a few drops have fallen.  The forecast is positive for more of the predicted rains to come.

The ground began  turning to dust as the heat of the African sun blazed as temperatures reached into the 40s. Only cracks in the mud were left as the water dried up.

With less water available, competition began to increase between the animals. The elephants chased the smaller antelope away for a chance to have a drink. A large heard of buffalo took over the watering hole leaving the rest to wait their turn.

The festive season came bearing gifts of cuteness with a few small additions to Madikwe.

An abundance of baby impala can be seen finding their feet. Nursery heards are formed when adult female impalas take turns to watch over their young. This tactic is to increase the survival chances of the young, a clear display of strength in numbers.

A rare but exciting sighting of a young male Caracal that we spotted taking down a guinea fowl for a well deserved lunch. However, before he could enjoy his spoils a Black Backed Jackal stole his meal.

As the final days of 2018 come to an end, we are thrilled to say the rains have finally come and we have received about 65mm of rain to kick start a prosperous year ahead and giving our dry waterhole some new life!