January, Unique Encounters 

With mesmerizing sunsets and one of a kind wildlife sightings, January was one to remember!

A stunning moment captured as Marabou Stork’s enjoyed the view in a tall Leadwood tree. The Marabou Stork forms part of South Africa’s “ugly five” and is often known as the “undertaker bird” due to it’s eerie appearance from behind resembling cloak-like wings. It is generally seen scavenging with vultures as it’s main diet consists of carrion.

An easy meal turned out to be quite challenging as a lioness was seen attempting to crack through the tough shell of a leopard tortoise. Luckily for tortoise the lioness lost interest and the tortoise lived to see another day.

A scavenger found a feast fit for a king as a lone giraffe carcass filled a hunger belly. With an incredible jaw strength allowing to crush bones to get to the marrow, the brown hyena can easily be identified by its long brown shaggy coat, prominent pointy ears and solitary movements.

A new born zebra finds it’s feet as we captured unforgettable moments just minutes after birth. Within the first few days of life, the mother zebra will keep the little one close and a short distance away from the rest of the heard. This helps her baby to identify her through sight, smell and sound.  The wobbly legs are growing stronger every day!

January has come and gone kick starting this new year with a few unique encounters. We eagerly await to see what lies in store for an exciting 2019!