May, An Ending Autumn

As another month draws to an end, we reflect on a busy month of incredible happenings!

Winter has arrived right on time as temperature begins to cool down at the end of Autumn. This month the average daily temperatures reached a high of 24°C and a low of 8°C. Even though sunrise may be little later, approximately 06:50 am and sunset at 17:30 pm, the sun never ceases to amaze with stunning painted African skies.

The big cat is back! After roughly a month of not being seen, Munye our resident leopard showed off his stunning coat as he made his presence known.

The wild dogs have been very active around our lodge this month, making two kills on two consecutive days in full view of our deck area! The action began as the pack chased an impala across the main deck of our lodge and enjoyed their spoils next to our boma area. The next day impala was once again on the menu. After a standoff with some brave zebra, the wild dogs tucked in to their well-deserved impala meal.

The pack has also been seen a few times passing by the waterhole and stopping for a quick drink.

A black rhino showed off its prominent “hooked-lip” by blowing us some kisses. This mouth shape is well adapted to browse on shrubs and trees.

Moving into the dry season, more activity can be seen out and about. The bush begins to thin and watering holes buzz as animals passing by for a drink.

Even a majestic giraffe needs to put it’s head down for a drink of water.

Even lions enjoy our relaxed atmosphere of a lazy Sunday afternoon nap.

Closing off another busy month, we look forward to more memorable wildlife encounters like this Klipspringer waiting to welcome you to home.

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