November Madness

There’s nothing like an African sunrise!

An early start is definitely worth it when you wake up to watch a painted sky as the sun rises over the bush whilst sipping on your morning coffee served on the morning game drive. Summer is upon us and the sun begins to rise awakening the day from five o’clock in the morning and sets from seven o’clock in the evening allowing for longer days.

Just some of the amazing sightings our guests have had.


The lions were spotted enjoying a lazy day next to a waterhole.

Even with a meal in sight the pride chooses the shade as the heat beats down. The days have been hot this month with the average temperature ranging in the high 30s and the lions have been seen to hunt during the cooler hours.

Sporting a healthy appetite the two Phinda male cheetahs were seen feasting on a young blue wildebeest kill in the north east corner of the reserve. The morning sun peeked through the bush giving a stunning haze as we watched breakfast unfold.

One of our resident female leopards, Tsala was not seen for roughly a week before being spotted again, however there has been no sign of her young cub. We are waiting in anticipation to see how it has grow since it was last spotted earlier this month.

Overall this month has been filled with amazing wildlife encounters, and we look forward to more exquisite sightings in the coming month leading to the festive season.