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What To Pack The Royal Madikwe Luxury Safari Lodge

SUMMER: December - February

Summer is our rainy season and we experience some of the most breathtaking thunderstorms in the Southern Hemisphere, which can continue for 10 minutes or up to 2 hours. As Madikwe is a semi-arid area, with an average annual rainfall of only 500mm, it does not typically rain every day and thunderstorms generally occur in the afternoons. Daytime temperatures can vary from 25°C to 40°C, with an average of 31°C. 
Recommended Clothing: Light cotton / linen fabrics are recommended for the hot daytime temperatures and a light jumper for the game drives. Short trousers, summer dresses, swimming trunks / costume and open toe sandals are recommended.

AUTUMN: March - May

One can still expect some rainfall in Autumn, but much less than in summer time. By now, the daytime temperatures have dropped down to 20°C, with a maximum of 31°C. The early morning and afternoon game drives are a little cooler, but we do provide cozy blankets on game drives for extra comfort. 

Recommended clothing: Light summer clothing will still be required, but we recommend a warm jumper, long trousers and closed shoes for the game drives which can be a little cooler.

WINTER: June - August

Winter in Madikwe boasts lovely warm days with temperatures between 15°C and 25°C – much like European Summer temperatures! By now, the early morning and afternoon game drive temperatures have dropped and can be as low as 10°C to 0°C on some mornings, with an average of 6°C. 

Recommended Clothing: Long trousers, long sleeve shirt, jumper, closed shoes and a warm jacket, scarf, gloves and a wooly hat for the cooler game drives is recommended, as well as some lighter clothing for the warmer daytime temperatures.

SPRING: September - November

There is a definite change in temperature and, although the early morning and afternoon game drives still present a chill, midday temperatures range from 20°C to 30°C with an average of 25°C most days. 

Recommended Clothing: Trousers and a warm jacket are still required for the game drives, but lighter clothing can be worn during the warmer midday temperatures. Both closed shoes and sandals will be useful.

Medical Requirements

Madikwe Game Reserve is a Malaria FREE area, therefore no anti-Malaria medication is required. We have a medical box available with basic medication for your convenience, however, if you are taking any prescribed medication, please ensure that you have an additional supply available in case of any unforeseen circumstances. 

A paramedic is stationed in the reserve and can be called out to the lodge in necessary situations. Emergency Medical evacuation is also available for emergency cases, but each case is assessed individually and therefore no guarantees are given. We do advise that all guests take out personal travel insurance.

All Year Round Necessities

  • Sun hat
  • Sun glasses
  • Sun block & lip balm
  • Closed shoes for bush walks
  • Camera with extra film / memory card
  • Extra batteries / charger


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