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A flirtation with the untamed wilderness!  The Emperor Suite is a charming, spacious two bedroom family suite conveniently located on the second floor in the Clubhouse, boasting spectacular views of the Royal waterhole from the elegant sunken lounge which separates the children’s’ room from the adjacent private dining space and comfortable private lounge.

This enchanting suite is perfectly suited to families with 2 younger children, or couples in search of a lavish, spacious suite, or even a romantic honeymoon retreat. With so many inviting spaces and easy access to the collection of elevated viewing decks just downstairs from your suite, opportunities to rest, relax and rejuvenate are endless.

Thoughtful interiors flaunt an intrinsic natural beauty where one feels at home while close enough to nature to enjoy the abounding Elephant herds frequenting the waterhole, or the dazzles of Zebra dilly-dallying in a playful trot on route to enjoy a refreshing drink.

Indulge your adventurous spirit as you discover a sense of the untamed African wilderness!

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